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Strange coincidences bring together the duo Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki, from the date of birth to the artworks

Today, November 18, marks the birthday of the star, Mona Zaki, and her husband, the star, Ahmed Helmy, who celebrated this occasion in his own way, as he published a picture that brought them together through his account on “Instagram”, during which he appeared carrying her, and commented on it, saying: “Every year, we are good.” Where the distinguished greeting received a great interaction within the artistic community and the public.

 Mona Zaki had commented on the unique coincidence in a previous television interview, “Unfortunately, our birthday is on the same day, and the truth is that this remains something that is not very cute, because I stay all day feeling that this is my husband’s day, not my day, so after many years, I lose the celebration of my birthday.” Your birthday is no longer present because for me it is Ahmed’s day, and he will certainly feel the same feeling.”

 Mona Zaki married the artist Ahmed Helmy, in May 2002, and she gave birth to 3 sons, Li, Li, Selim, Younes. The films “Omar 2000”, “Why did you make me love you” and “Sahar al-Layali”, and these were works before their marriage.

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