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“Striped jeans” fashion 2022

The “striped jeans” is the star of women’s fashion in the summer of 2022, giving women a modern look.
The striped jeans have a bold character that catches the eye, especially the brightly colored models such as pink and sky blue; Therefore, it should be coordinated with a simple and calm upper piece such as a monochrome T-shirt, in order to highlight the jeans on the one hand and avoid exaggeration and exaggeration on the other.
The elegance of the look is complemented by flat-soled sandals or white sneakers.
Jeans are one of the most important pieces that girls have in their wardrobe, as it is one of the basic clothes that they can wear in more than one way and look, so it dominates the fashion of clothes all the time and does not disappear throughout the year from their looks.

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