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Sudden closure of Twitter offices, and fears of unrest among employees

“Business Insider” revealed that “Twitter” closed all its offices and prevented employees from entering until next Monday at the behest of the owner Elon Musk, who fears the possibility of internal sabotage and unrest, as Musk chose the company’s employees between committing to working long hours. Or losing their jobs, according to an internal memo published by US media.

 Musk was criticized for the radical changes he made in the company, which he bought for $44 billion last month. Musk fired 50% of the 7,500-strong workforce and rescinded an internal policy that allowed working from home and imposing long working hours.

 Employees were asked to enter a link to confirm their commitment to the “new Twitter” by 5 pm Thursday afternoon, New York time, and if they did not enter the link, they would automatically lose their jobs, and they would receive a 3-month salary as compensation for the end of service.

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