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Sulafa Memar is living a new love story

The star, Sulafa Memar, spoke frankly about her artistic life and the difficulties that the actor experiences, and touched on her love life and her relationship with her daughter, Dahab.
Sulafa confirmed that the acting profession is very worrying, as she said: “I do not like the world of fame, and I prefer a very simple life, especially since you get very tired when you are a famous person, in addition to feeling anxious and tense while acting.”
Regarding her beautiful appearance, she said: “I feel that I have more charisma than beauty. I am very reconciled with my age. A female who is close to fifty is at the peak of her femininity, loves herself more, and does not like to put pressure on herself to please others, and her concern becomes pleasing herself, and she masters this.” Age is the ability to refuse, and it is faster to abandon it.
The Syrian star also spoke about her love life, saying: “I am not against marriage again, because I am naturally inclined towards stability and long relationships, but on the condition of finding the right partner, especially since the feelings of love at my age have different requirements, as I am now looking for a lover who is a companion and capable. To contain me and meditate with me, simply for it to be mature love.”
Sulafa revealed that she is currently living a love story, and about her lover she said: “He is a caring man, cares about me a lot, holds me and loves me as I am… He loves me unconditionally.”
Regarding her success in the series “Walad Badiaa,” Sulafa Meamar said: “I was not satisfied with the character of “Sukar,” and yet I am very happy with my portrayal of her, because I like to take risks in the role offered to me if I like it, and it has something different from what I presented before, and the most important thing is the work. With a way out, the trust between us will be mutual.”

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