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Sultan Al-Tarab’s message to Turki Al-Sheikh

Syrian artist George Wassouf sent a message to Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, after the latter provided him with support in the ordeal of the death of his eldest son, Wadih, praising the friendship that binds them.

Where George Wassouf explained in his message that Turki Al-Sheikh overwhelmed his family with care and attention during their grief over the death of Wadih, his son, who died on January 8.

This came after Turki Al-Sheikh received George Wassouf and his family, and appeared in a video clip through his personal account on the social networking site Twitter, which he commented on, saying: “With Abu Wadih al-Ghali.”

George Wassouf republished the tweet published by Turki Al Sheikh and commented on it, praising his friendship for his support for him during the last period and sharing all the details, whether sad or happy.

George Wassouf commented: “When I feel that my sadness is your sadness and your joy is your joy, I am sure once again that you are an authentic and loyal friend. Yesterday in your full house, our family flooded your taste and made me feel that the world is still fine despite its harshness. All love and appreciation, dear Abu Nasser.”

Where it is mentioned that Turki Al-Sheikh received the artist, George Wassouf, accompanied by his two sons, Junior and Hatem, so that this would be the first visit and his first appearance since the death of his eldest son, Wadih, as a result of the sleeve gastrectomy, after which he died as a result of complications.

The meeting also showed signs of friendship between George Wassouf and Turki Al Sheikh, after the long relationship that brought them together for years.

At the same time, the Syrian artist announced the preparation of a song to dedicate to his late son, Wadih George Wassouf, by announcing it from his media office, thanking everyone who comforted him in his ordeal and offered his condolences on Wadih’s death.

The veteran Syrian artist was saddened by the death of his eldest son, Wadih, on January 8, due to complications from a weight-loss surgery.

And George Wassouf expressed his love for his son Wadih in an unconventional way in a previous television interview, and he said: “He said at the time:” This is the tear of my eyes, this is the beloved of the heart from the inside, I call him on the phone Jesus Woody, this is the nostalgia, follow me, this is the precious and meek.”

And George continued his speech: “I mean, do you love him to the point of worship?”

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