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Sultan with Brazil, who encourages the rest of the stars of Syria

There were various ways of expression about this sporting event. Shukran Murtaja had previously announced that she would not support any national team, as she is a fan of Italy and is not present in it.

Where George Wassouf confirmed to Al-Jadeed TV that he is an old fan of the Brazil national team and will not support anyone else. In turn, Abed Fahd and Abdel Moneim Amairi announced their support for Argentina as a distinguished team, according to what they mentioned on the same channel.

For his part, “Qusai Khouli” shared video clips and photos with his followers on social media during his attendance at the opening of the World Cup at Al-Bayt Stadium. To be personally present for this football occasion.

However, some revealed their interest in sports in a different way. In turn, Aref Al-Taweel, through his Facebook account, attached the schedule of matches and competing teams.

For the World Cup to be a catalyst for the memory of “Al-Taweel”, as he published one of his old paintings within the series “Mirrors” entitled “Penalty Strike”, as it provides sports content

It is also mentioned that the Syrian national team is not present in the World Cup, which is being held for the first time on Arab soil.

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