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Supercomputer predicts the identity of the Champions League

A supercomputer predicted the identity of the Champions League champion in the 2021/2022 season, which opens its competitions on Tuesday evening, by holding the first round matches in the group stage.
The computer revealed shocking predictions for Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, as it was expected that the two teams’ chances would be slim to win the Champions League this season, despite the fact that they concluded two high-caliber deals recently, including the French team for Argentine star Lionel Messi, and the English team for Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. .
The supercomputer also expected that Manchester United would perform better than Paris Saint-Germain, but neither team would win the continental competition.
United finished seventh in the list of candidates to win the Champions League this season, according to supercomputer data, while Saint-Germain came tenth.
The computer put Manchester City, who lost the Champions League final last season against his compatriot Chelsea, in the first place, with a 21 percent chance of winning, and Bayern Munich second with 14 percent, then Liverpool with 10 percent.
Here is the list of Champions League nominees and possible winning percentages, according to Supercomputer:
Manchester City (21%
Bayern Munich (14 percent)
Liverpool (10 percent)
Chelsea (8%)
Barcelona (6 percent)
Real Madrid (5 percent)
Manchester United (5 percent)
Ajax (5 percent)
Dortmund (4 percent)
Paris Saint-Germain (3 percent)
Atletico Madrid (3%)
Inter Milan (3 percent).

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