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Surprise about Iranian-Saudi relations

The official Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted an expert in Gulf relations as saying that a draft plan had been drawn up to restore normal and political relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

 According to what the agency said, “Iran’s strategic vision is to strengthen relations with all countries bordering the Gulf and the region, especially Saudi Arabia, with the aim of establishing regional security. Therefore, the outcome of negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is very important for the region.”

 And he considered that “the most beneficiaries of disturbing the relations of the countries bordering the Gulf are America and the Zionist entity,” adding: “Based on this, Iran is interested in establishing logical and strong relations with Saudi Arabia, and it wants Iraq to play a positive role in the Islamic world and the world.” Arabi”. And the Iranian expert added: “For this reason, Baghdad was chosen to be a center for reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and several rounds of talks were held to restore relations and resolve differences between them.”

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