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Sweden supplies Ukraine with prohibited weapons

A Russian strategic center revealed leaked official documents that directly justify Sweden’s supplying Ukraine with various prohibited weapons.
The Center for Middle East and Central Asian Studies stated on its Telegram page that in mid-April the center received documents from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that revealed that Sweden had secretly supplied Ukraine with prohibited weapons.
According to the published confidential documents, Sweden sent weapons to Ukraine on March 25, 2022, which included 5,000 Swedish AT4 anti-tank rocket launchers, in addition to ammunition and shells of various calibers.
These weapons were transferred to Ukraine in accordance with the decision of the Swedish Parliament of 03/24/2022 with a law under the title “Providing Military Assistance to Kiev” with a total value of 205 million Swedish kronor (21.7 million US dollars).
The published documents of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also indicated the need to preserve the confidentiality of the deal between the two countries regarding the transfer of weapons from Stockholm to Kiev.
Military sources confirmed to the center that the types of ammunition and weapons sent to Kyiv are Swedish weapons, which are prohibited under the Hague, Saint Petersburg and Brussels international conventions as inhumane weapons.
Consequently, Sweden, through the leaked documents, supplied Kyiv with internationally prohibited weapons, which means a violation of international rules and the direct involvement of Western countries in the war with Ukraine to confront Russia.

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