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Switzerland reveals Ukraine’s non-membership of the European Union

Swiss media have indicated that the European Commission’s acceptance of Ukraine as a candidate to join the European Union is inevitable, but Kyiv will face difficult and impossible obstacles to obtaining full membership.

The Swiss official channel said in a report that “Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is currently an impossible task for the European Union.”

According to the report, the level of corruption in Ukraine is high and constitutes a major problem in the accession process to the European Union.

The report also considered that many European countries have doubts about the possibility of Ukraine joining, and they have observations on that, including Portugal, which considers that Kyiv faces several consequences, most notably that it is economically weak.

The Netherlands has expressed concern about problems with law enforcement and high levels of corruption in Ukraine in recent years. In addition to the fear of a number of European countries from the generous agricultural support from the European Union budget, because the membership of this country in Eastern Europe will turn everything upside down financially.

The report concluded that Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is now unrealistic, and believes that the fate of the Western Balkan countries that have been sitting in the EU’s backyard for 20 years may be repeated for Kiev.

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