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Syria and Iran discuss joint agreements

Rustam Qassemi, Minister of Roads and Cities Building and Head of the Iranian side of the Iranian-Syrian Joint Economic Committee, and his accompanying delegation are continuing their visit to Syria for the second day in a row, and holding several discussions that included the sectors of transport, economy and banking relations.
According to the Syrian News Agency, Qassemi and Syrian Transport Minister Zuhair Khuzaym discussed, today, Thursday, ways to develop the triple rail link to transport passengers and goods between Syria, Iraq and Iran and vice versa, which starts from Shalamcheh towards Basra and from there to Syria.
Qassemi also said that one of the objectives of the visit is to activate the agreements signed between the two countries in the field of transportation, referring to the agreement to install the maritime transport line directly between Syria and Iran and to develop air freight between them, while Khuzaym indicated that the meeting also included the establishment of highways between the two countries.
On the other hand, the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria, Issam Hazemeh, pointed out during his meeting with Qassimi the importance of developing trade exchange and banking and financial relations between Syria and Iran, stressing the Central Bank’s readiness to form a working group for technical cooperation to find banking channels.
On the other hand, Minister of Economy and Internal Trade Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil discussed the possibility of establishing joint free zones between the two countries, developing investment cooperation and the need to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries. Entry of goods between the two countries.
In July 2019, Syria, Iran and Iraq signed the minutes of a meeting for cooperation in the field of comprehensive transport, which includes work on rail linking of the three countries’ rail networks. The Iranian and Syrian sides also signed a memorandum of understanding between the Syrian Railways Corporation and the Syrian railways. Iran in January of the same year.

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