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Syria.. Beginning of arms deliveries and settling the situation

Today, Wednesday, the Syrian News Agency indicated that the delivery of weapons and settlement of the situation of a number of Daraa al-Balad militants has begun at the settlement center in the Al-Arbaeen neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad.

The agency said that several settlement centers will be opened in the Daraa al-Balad neighborhood to settle the situation of the militants and hand over weapons to the Syrian Arab Army.
The security and military committee and the dignitaries of the city of Daraa in southern Syria also reached, earlier on Tuesday, an agreement that establishes a peaceful solution within the framework of a road map that outlines the situation in Daraa.
The armed groups had targeted neighborhoods in Daraa over the past two days, such as Al-Kashif, Al-Mahatta, Al-Sabeel and Al-Sahari, with missiles, while the Syrian army forces responded by targeting the positions of the militants. The dam and the camp, the raising of the Syrian flag, the settlement of the situation of those wishing to settle and the deportation of terrorist groups to northern Syria.

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