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Syria .. he killed his stepmother for stealing her

The occurrence of murder for theft for the sake of robbery is no longer a new thing in Syria, since almost a year ago these ugly crimes have spread to all Syrian governorates, as are the crimes of hashish and drug abuse that spread widely in the country of the 9-year war

In a statement, the Syrian Ministry of Interior revealed a new murder for the purpose of theft. In the statement, the following is stated in the statement: “A citizen told the Al-Wafdeen camp police station that there was a body in one of the houses. Around her head, several stab wounds were seen in her neck, and it was noticed that all the contents of the room were wet with mazot, and by asking her family and her husband they limited their resemblance to the son of the murdered husband, called (Ahmed A.S.). He killed his stepmother for the sake of stealing her, as he stabbed her with a sharp object (a piece of glass) several times, and poured diesel into the room with the intention of igniting it to hide the features of the crime, then he fled.

And the statement continued: “By examining the situation of the arrested, several radio stations investigating crimes (drug use, desertion from military service) and several precedents for crimes (theft, stabbing, and drugs) were found against him, and the necessary action was taken against him, and he will be presented to the judiciary to obtain his penalty.”

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