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Syrian Democratic Forces besiege a prison

The Syrian Democratic Forces succeeded in besieging a prison belonging to the Islamic State “ISIS” (banned in Russia and in many countries in the world), after some of its inmates took control of it. They are suspected of being from the Islamic State after it was taken over by inmates.
At least 70 inmates were killed in the attack that began last Thursday on a prison in northeastern Syria, after gunmen detonated a car bomb near the prison gates, which helped dozens of inmates escape to the neighboring Ghuwairan area in Hasaka, according to officials and witnesses. Eyewitness.

The SDF initially said it arrested 89 militants who were sheltering nearby, but later admitted that the inmates had taken over parts of the prison.

And it confirmed that 17 of its forces were killed in the most violent riots in detention centers where thousands of suspected militants were detained after their defeat with US support in northern and eastern Syria.
The Pentagon also confirmed that the US-led coalition had carried out air strikes in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces as they sought to end the prison break.
Arab tribal figures in contact with residents of the area said that the US coalition forces took control of locations around the prison, and planes were seen flying over the area.
It was not clear how many inmates are in the prison, the largest facility where the Syrian Democratic Forces held thousands of detainees.
The US-based Human Rights Watch says that the Syrian Democratic Forces are holding about 12,000 men and boys suspected of belonging to the Islamic State, including 2,000 to 4,000 foreigners from about 50 countries.
While civilian groups say that thousands more are being held in secret detention centers where torture is widespread, the Syrian Democratic Forces deny these accusations.

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