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Syrian missile in Israel

Israeli media announced that an anti-aircraft missile fired from Syrian territory exploded over a beach in Haifa.
And Israeli Channel 12 said that one of the missiles launched by the Syrian army through Israeli airspace exploded over a beach in Haifa, noting that the missile made a mistake, entered Israel and exploded over the sea off the coast of Haifa, and its shrapnel fell into the sea and did not cause any damage.
The channel pointed out that “the Israeli army’s air defense system followed the missile, but decided not to intercept it because it did not endanger civilians in Israel,” noting that “the SA-5 missile has a self-destruction system at high altitudes.”

And earlier today, Wednesday, the Syrian air defense forces repelled Israeli missiles launched by enemy planes from over Lebanese airspace, an attempt to target military sites in the vicinity of the city of Homs from the southwestern side.
Meanwhile, a military source said that the Israeli aggression on the Syrian city of Homs led to the death of two civilians and the serious injury of another civilian.
The source added that the attack, which took place at approximately 01:26 in the morning, also wounded 6 soldiers and caused some material losses.
For his part, the Sputnik correspondent in Homs said that two civilians were killed and a third wounded when shrapnel from an Israeli missile fell near a civilian building on the western side of Homs city.
The reporter added that the firefighting vehicles and civil defense went to some locations on the outskirts of the southern city, which were caught on fire as a result of the Israeli aggression.
Israel launches raids on military sites it says belong to pro-Iranian factions in several areas in Syria, while Israel reiterates that it will continue to confront what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence in Syria.
Syria called on the UN Security Council and the United Nations, earlier, to condemn the Israeli aggression against it and to take firm measures to prevent its recurrence

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