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Syrian Presidential Decree Concerning Universities

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued Law No. (29) of 2022, which provides for the transformation of university cities into public bodies of an administrative nature that are financially and administratively independent.

According to the Syrian News Agency, this step comes with the aim of granting university city administrations sufficient financial and administrative powers to enable them to provide clean, safe and comfortable housing efficiently and effectively for students.

The agency also indicated that this decision would also give authority to complete the required works of services, maintenance and rehabilitation, in addition to building new units, managing facilities and facilities attached to cities, and investing some of them.

Article 2 of the law includes:

Item (a), which refers to “the creation of a public authority of an administrative nature in the name of the university city enjoying legal personality and financial and administrative independence in each governorate in which a university is established, one of the universities subject to the provisions of the Universities Organizing Law No. (6) of 2006 and its amendments, and is linked to the president of the university.”

While item (c) of the same article confirms that “the newly created university city replaces, according to the provisions of this law, the existing university city in the university, with all its rights and obligations, and the ownership of all lands, buildings, facilities, kiosks, clubs, restaurants, canteens, theaters, furniture, equipment and machinery shall devolve to it. and the instruments that exist or are contracted for in their favor on the date this law becomes effective.

Article (3) states that the university city “aims to provide adequate and safe housing efficiently and effectively for university students residing there, in accordance with the principles and standards set by the Board of Directors.”

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