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Taiwan condemns the Chinese exercises around

Sino-Taiwanese tensions began again, as the Presidential Office in Taiwan condemned today, Monday, the recent military exercises conducted by China near the island and said that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region are the joint responsibility of both Taiwan and China.

Where the presidential office added in a statement that Taiwan’s position is very clear in that it will not escalate conflicts or stir up differences, but will defend its sovereignty and security.

And the Chinese army announced that it had conducted combat exercises around Taiwan, on Sunday, focusing on land and sea attacks, in the second of its kind in less than a month.

The Chinese army’s Eastern Region Command said in a statement late on Sunday that its forces had organized “joint combat readiness patrols and active combat exercises” in the sea and airspace around Taiwan.

It also added in a brief statement that the aim of the exercises is to test joint combat capabilities and “firmly counter the provocative actions of external forces and separatist forces demanding Taiwan independence.”

China also conducted similar exercises late last month, and Taiwan said at the time that 43 Chinese aircraft crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait, which represents an unofficial buffer between the two sides.

On the other hand, China considers Taiwan a province of its own and has never announced its renunciation of the use of force to bring the island under its control.

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