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Tamer Hosni announces the establishment of an association for “pumpkin” fans

Over the past few hours, artist Tamer Hosni shared with his fans via his official Instagram account a new picture of himself, in which he appeared with a completely shaved head.
Tamer Hosni excited his fans with his comment about the reason behind this look, as he wrote in his comment on the photo: “With the foundations of the first association of pumpkin lovers, long live the pumpkin. Who is coming with us?”
The picture of Tamer Hosni with the new look won the admiration of his followers, including the artist Mohamed Tharwat, who expressed his desire to join this association, and through his personal account story on Instagram, he published several pictures of his followers who sent him pictures without hair.
During the past two days, Tamer Hosni released his latest song, which bears the name “Jamdeen Jamdeen,” written by Mahmoud Selim, composed by Thiam Ali, arranged by Hisham Mohamed, Master Ali Fathallah, and Mohamed Maghribi’s guitars. The song carried within its meanings an aspect of joy and a message calling for joy and staying away from sadness, as it It said: “If someone is upset, he meets you, take this from his hand and say that there are happy people. It is a new atmosphere for him. If he comes to us, he will get rid of everything in him. We blame this whole world. We take advantage of every minute of happiness, and we walk in the opposite direction.”
Star Tamer Hosni also continues filming scenes for his new movie, “Re Start,” in which he collaborated with a group of artists, most notably: Mohamed Tharwat, Hana Al-Zahed, Basem Samra, and the famous Sayed Osama, “Mika.” It is directed by Sarah Wafik and written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar.
Through this film, Tamer cooperates for the second time with Hana Al Zahed after the success of the film “I Love You,” and for the third time with director Sarah Wafik after they achieved great success through the films “Not Me,” in 2021, and then the film “Taj” in 2023.

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