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Tamer Hosni celebrates the success of his ex-wife

Tamer Hosni shared with his fans a video from Suhoor in which a number of stars gathered, led by artist Mai Omar and director Mohamed Sami, to celebrate the success of the series “Nima Avocato.”
Tamer Hosni posted the video on his Instagram account and wrote a comment in which he said, “Yesterday was not a normal suhoor party. There were a lot of people in it that I love, all of them friends who have never met, and there is a celebration of the song by Basuma El Qamar, the owner of the Qamar voice, which sings the ending of the series “Nama Al Avocato.” And in celebration of the great success of Mai Omar, my beloved, my brother, and my son, who mentored me, the creative director Mohamed Sami, and this particular Mohamed, there will be a special post from me soon… and also in celebration of the start of preparation for my next film, God willing ((Re Start)) with the beautiful artist Hana Al-Zahid and the wonderful author Ayman Bahjat. Qamar and the great director Sarah Wafik.”
It is noteworthy that Basma Bousil presented the ending sequence of the series “Nima Avocato” by star Mai Omar, and also sang some of the quartets that are shown during the episodes.
The series belongs to the 15-episode drama, and Ahmed Zahir, Kamal Aburia, Arwa Gouda, Salwa Othman, Sami Maghawri, Lubna Wans, Imad Ziadeh, Hadir Abdel Nasser, Ghada Felfel, Ahmed Majed, Walaa Al-Sherif, Mahmoud, co-starring alongside Mai Omar. strange

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