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Tamer Hosny defends husbands

The star Tamer Hosny joked about a couple who attended his last concert on the stage
Roman in the northern coast, after noticing that the husband interacted strongly with the song “Fahmani Ghalat”, Tamer stopped singing and addressed a conversation directly to the wife asking her to hold her husband’s hand, and stressed that husbands always suffer from injustice and misunderstanding.

Tamer continued, directing the conversation to the wife: Keep in mind the workers who consult on you from my early days, we husbands are oppressed and oppressed.

It is also mentioned that Tamer Hosni performed a few days ago, a party on the Roman theater in the North Coast Marina, in the presence of a large number of his fans, during which he presented a bouquet of his most famous songs that he presented over the course of his artistic career, and witnessed a great interaction from the audience, including: “Every time, I and I do not know, and more needs, and enough excuses.” In addition to the songs of his last album, he also participated in his audience playing the electronic guitar and piano.

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