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Tamer Hosny denies and clarifies

The star, Tamer Hosni, responded to the rumors that followed him during the past hours on social media, of his official separation from his wife, the Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, three days ago, and he participated in the opening of her new independent company.
Tamer Hosni published a photo of him and his wife through the Story feature on his Instagram account, and commented on the photo, saying: Congratulations to my wife and my beloved Basma for starting her independent company and every year and you are good, my love, you and our children, God willing, our Lord will give you all the best and success.
During the past months, the rumor of Tamer Hosni’s separation from his wife spread, as Basma Bousil responded to the news that spread about their separation, and his association with a girl named Yara.
Bousil wrote through the Al-Astori feature on her official account on the Instagram website, saying: Lord, stop writing these rumors.
She also continued: I am a mother of two daughters, and this is for my daughters, so I hope that we take into account our Lord in our profession, and we make sure of any need before we put it down.
And things had previously raged between Basma Bousil and Tamer Hosni because of the “jealousy of the female fans” and things would have almost reached a divorce had it not been for the intervention of the Emirati star Ahlam mediated by reconciliation. In his interview with Esaad Younes, he said to the “Her Excellency” program, “Sometimes her mind is very small, and she sits and checks the photos and tells me that you give a strange look to this girl, and she also notices the frequent attendance of some fans at parties, and she has a steel memory.
Tamer stressed that sometimes she will remain in a severe sullen dose, and it takes long days before things break out. Tamer scoffed, saying: Sometimes I enter her. There are too many “halal boys” and rumors are also merciless.

At the same time, Tamer Hosny sent a message to young composers, poets and distributors who are trying to communicate with him and show him artworks.
Tamer Hosni wrote through his account on the Instagram website: This is a very important thing to convey to any composer, poet or distributor who sells me a job.

Tamer Hosni also added: Please, whoever sends a melody that does not make a musical introduction, I hope, begins singing along and I hope that you enter without a reference, help me catch up and hear all your work.
Tamer Hosni continued his message to the young artists: I am saying this because seriously, you are a respected and talented generation, and I myself will help you all with success, guys.

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