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Tamer Hosny in a romantic situation

Tamer Hosni embraced his two daughters, “Talia and Amaya”, in a touching romantic scene during his concert yesterday at an Egyptian university.

Tamer embraced his two daughters to the tunes of his new song “Bahebak”, and invited his wife, Basma Bousil, to go on stage next to them.

Tamer documented that moment through a video clip that he posted on his official account on “Instagram”, and commented: “Where is their mother .. the life of my heart, my mother, may God protect you for me and save us and our children … and the next time it will be Professor Adam Sahi.”

In another context, the star Tamer Hosni announced the release of his new movie “Bahebak” in the upcoming Eid al-Adha film season, and through it Tamer will go through his first experiences in the world of film directing, and Tamer’s entry into such. An area is a great adventure especially since his fans are accustomed to seeing him as a singer and actor. He is also the author of many of his works.

The movie “Bahebak” also restored the cooperation between the artist Hana Zahid and Tamer Hosni, after the last cooperation between them at the beginning of her artistic career in one of the roles in the series “Timing Teams” in 2014, but this time Hana Zahid plays the starring role with Tamer Hosni

The film also includes a number of other stars besides Tamer Hosni and Hana Zahid, who are Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Hoda Al-Mufti, Ahmed Azmy, Medhat Tekha, Amr Sahah, Shahd Al-Shater, Alia Rashid and a number of others. artists.

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