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Tamer Hosny reveals a surprise

The star Tamer Hosni thanked the Saudi audience, who surprised him with a legendary reception, stressing that in every party in Saudi lands he thinks he has reached the best possible reception, but at the next party the audience in the Kingdom is amazed.
Tamer published 10 photos from his last concert in Riyadh, showing the audience’s interaction with him, and commented on them through his official account on the Instagram website, saying: The great Saudi audience, every party, thinks it is the best party, and it is still surprising every time that it is sweeter and sweeter.

This and he continued, saying: A thousand thanks to the dear Saudi audience, a thousand thanks to the beloved Riyadh fans

It is also mentioned that Tamer Hosni presented yesterday, May 6, the Eid al-Fitr concert at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater, and he is scheduled to return to Cairo to devote himself to setting the deadline for releasing his new album, and to start promoting his latest movie “Bahebak” scheduled for release during the Eid al-Adha film season. .

Tamer had previously revealed that there was a dispute between him and the company producing the expected album, indicating that he had finished recording all his songs, but he did not know until the moment the deadline for its official release.

Tamer revealed the dispute through his account on the Instagram website, saying: Thanks to everyone who contributed to these works, and dear thanks to everyone who wrote me any beautiful word, Ramadan Kareem and Happy Eid to everyone. Wait, God willing, for my next album during .. During .. During, no I know my mobile money.

He continued, “I will tell you the exact date in the next post, because I and the company are in Saddam. I say we go on the feast, and they say after a month, what do you think?”

Tamer Hosni, collaborates on his album, with poets Tamer Hussein, Ahmed El-Malki, Mohamed Atef, Hala Ali, Karim Hakim, Mahmoud Aleem, Ahmed Hassan Raoul, Ramadan Mohamed, and among the composers, Tamer Ali, Mahmoud Khayami, Karim Osama, Bilal Sorour, And Islam Zaki, Moody Mounir, and Sarah Adel.

Tamer collaborated with distributors Toma, Elhamy Dehima, Mohamed Sabry, Mohamed Saeed, Mahmoud El Shaeri, and Adel Haqqi.

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