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Tehran warns of the danger of Instagram and WhatsApp

The deadline set by the Tehran authorities for the American “Meta” company, which owns applications such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has expired.

It quoted officials as saying that if Tehran’s request to provide a representative of the “Meta” company in Iran is not responded to, the blocking of the “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” applications in the country will become permanent, with the escalation of popular protests in the country.

The National Center for Cyberspace has sent two letters to Meta, one via e-mail and the other by “regular mail”, indicating that the deadline specified in the second letter has now expired, according to what was reported by the Tehran newspaper, Hamshahri, today, Sunday.

The head of this center, Abu al-Hassan Firouzabadi, said that “the failure to respond dead” to Iran’s message is a prelude to the legal blocking of “Instagram”.

As Firouzabadi told reporters about the fate of “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” in Iran: “So far, no authorization has been approved to close Instagram, from any party in the country. What led to the restriction of access to (meta) applications is the request of the Security Council in the country, due to the current special security conditions.

He stressed that the continuation of these two applications in Iran “needs legal permission.”

These developments came after Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi announced, a few days ago, that he was working to completely block the virtual world in Iran to confront what he described as enemies who are working on making programs to lift the block.

It was mentioned that, in conjunction with the suppression of the ongoing protests in Iran, the Tehran authorities blocked the social network “Instagram” and the messaging application “WhatsApp”, and demanded that a representative of this company be presented in Iran.

In recent years, Iran has blocked many foreign social networks such as “Facebook” and “Twitter” in Iran, claiming that these networks are the main cause of many protests in recent years.

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