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Tensions have risen significantly on the border with Lebanon

The intensity of the confrontations has increased dangerously on the Lebanese-Israeli border during the recent period, and they have been renewed today as well, with the Israeli army announcing the killing of a soldier in the north. A member of the Israeli War Council, Benny Gantz, warned of the most difficult situation.
Today, Thursday, Gantz called on the heads of local authorities in northern Israel to prepare for “more difficult” days, in light of the escalation witnessed on the battle front with Hezbollah.
He also added, “I believe that the Lebanese government and Hezbollah also do not want a large-scale war to break out, but it is necessary to put pressure on it at this time before everyone goes to a broader war,” referring to Hezbollah, according to what was reported by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority on Thursday.
These warnings came after senior officials at the political level in Israel held a closed discussion this week following the escalation in the north. The two ministers in the war council, Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, said that the government must strive to reach an agreement with Hamas in order to shift to its campaign in the north.
It also came after the escalation of confrontations between the two sides over the past two days, with Israel expanding its targeting areas from the border to deep into southern Lebanon and the Bekaa region as well, where Hezbollah is deployed.

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