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The Barca-United fiery confrontation ends in a tie and the settlement is until next Thursday

The exciting confrontation that brought Barcelona and Manchester United together at the Camp Nou in the qualifying rounds for the 16th round of the European League championship ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team.

 The match witnessed exciting events, especially in the second half, which witnessed the scoring of all the goals of the match, and the two sides exchanged control during the course of the match, starting from the 50th minute, when Barca took the lead with Marcos Alonso, who only lasted three minutes before Rashford equalized with a wonderful shot.

 United added the second goal in the 59th minute, as it came through friendly fire, after Jules Conde accidentally scored a goal in his own goal, but Brazilian Rafinha equalized for Barca in the 76th minute.

 Barcelona took the pressure during the last quarter of an hour of the confrontation, but all attempts failed.

 At the beginning of the match, the players of the two teams stood for a minute of silence and sent a message of solidarity in Arabic and Turkish to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium, which is currently hosting the confrontation between Barcelona and Manchester United in the European Football League.

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