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The Barcelona derby in the first match after the World Cup

The Spanish club Barcelona will host its counterpart, Espanyol, at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon, Saturday, at the “Camp Nou” stadium, in the Catalonia derby match, which will be held in the 15th round of the Spanish League competition for the 2022-23 season. Barcelona returns to the Spanish League after a one-month hiatus due to the World Cup competitions, and its eyes are on investing in the pre-hiatus period, which saw it topping La Liga before the hiatus.

As for Espanyol, he hopes to get out of the series of disappointing results that he suffered in the first half of the season, and to turn his fortunes around, starting from facing Barcelona in the “Catalan derby” in order to advance in the standings.

Where the Barcelona list witnessed the presence of the Polish star, Robert Lewandowski, after the temporary suspension of his 3-match ban, and the Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo, after a long absence due to injury.

Where Barcelona leads the La Liga table during the current season with 37 points, and Espanyol comes in the sixteenth place with 12 points.

After leaving the Champions League and moving to participate in the European League, Barcelona hopes to reconcile its fans by achieving the La Liga title.

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