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The Biden administration was sending weapons to Ukraine before the war

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby claimed that the Biden administration was sending military aid to Ukraine long before the war began.
As John Kirby said, “I’ve been surrounded by Military Intelligence all my life. And I can tell you they’re doing the best they can, at times I’ve been the closest thing to Ukraine, the United States has literally been leading the world ever since they started massing Russian troops to go to Ukraine. And we said So loud and clear from the podium here at the Pentagon and across the country, as well as international capitals around the world and especially in Europe. Not everyone believed us at the time, but we were very right about what Russia was about to do. We also worked hard in the period that preceded this invasion,” according to the American channel
He added, “First, the Biden administration was flush with weapons long before the invasion. The first billion dollars the president committed to Ukraine includes combat assistance. And that was before the invasion. Plus, we were very open and honest about what we were seeing the Russians doing. The last point, Which I don’t think is taken into account as much as it should, is the training of Ukrainians to prepare for this type of war over the past eight years.The United States, Canada, Britain and other allies have helped train Ukrainians to command small units, command, control, and maneuver.

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