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The bitter truth, as described by Hariri

A Kuwaiti newspaper indicated that the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, told members of his bloc the bitter truth during his last meeting with them in Beirut.
The Kuwaiti newspaper stated, according to sources in the Future bloc, that former Prime Minister Saad Hariri “presented the political scene in general, stopping the catastrophic effects that befell the economic and financial situation, and as a result of the policies pursued by the current era, leading to the electoral elections.” “.
The sources also revealed that “Hariri clearly and explicitly assured the meeting that he decided not to participate in the elections for all, neither he personally, nor his political current,” noting that “some MPs of the bloc expressed their rejection of this decision, if it was to be taken, and others expressed their disapproval of this decision. They expressed their fears about him, and insisted on the necessity of Prime Minister Hariri to remain in this due date. However, Hariri affirmed his insistence on this matter, which is final and there is no return from it.
Hariri declared to those present at the meeting that “the Future Movement will not present any candidate for these elections, and will not adopt any candidate, and members of his bloc heard from him that even if he wanted those who are currently members of the bloc, or belong to the Future Movement, to run for elections, their candidacy It is their responsibility and it is in their personal name and not in the name of the movement.”

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