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The body of the missing Saudi man was found in Cairo and the details were revealed

The Saudi Embassy in Cairo announced that the Egyptian authorities succeeded in finding the body of Saudi citizen Hattan Shata, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances last May 22, days after his arrival in the Egyptian capital.

According to the statement, DNA analyzes confirmed that the body found was that of the aforementioned Saudi citizen, and that there was no criminal suspicion in the circumstances of his death, thanking the Egyptian authorities for their efforts to uncover the circumstances of the case.

In turn, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior said that the investigations it conducted led to the discovery of the body of the young Saudi man, and that the result of the medical examination showed that he died due to the repercussions of an illness from which he was suffering, and that it informed the Saudi embassy and the young man’s family of all the details related to the incident.

He was a Saudi citizen who came to Cairo for the purpose of obtaining training courses in the field of acting, and resided in a residential apartment in the Al-Rehab area, then reported his absence from his place of residence, leaving all his personal belongings there, according to what Egyptian media reported.

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