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The Bohli alliance buys Chelsea FC

Chelsea Football Club announced the transfer of ownership of the club from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to a new owner.

Chelsea said, in an official statement, that the club confirmed its agreement on the terms of the transfer of ownership to a new group, led by Todd Boehle, Klerlik Capital, Mark Walter and Hansjörg Weiss.

He also added: “The £2.5 billion will be paid to purchase the club’s shares, and this proceeds will be deposited into a frozen bank account in the UK with the intent of donating 100% to charity, as Roman Abramovich has confirmed.”

He also continued: “Chelsea needs the approval of the UK government to transfer the proceeds from the blocked UK bank account.”

He continued: “The new owners will commit to allocating 1.75 billion pounds to invest in the club, which includes investment in Stamford Bridge, the academy and the women’s team.”

“The sale is expected to be completed in late May once the necessary regulatory approvals are obtained,” Chelsea concluded.
Abramovich was forced to put the club up for sale after the British government clamped down on him because of his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently launched a war on Ukraine.

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