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The British government is considering recalling the army

British media revealed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering the possibility of calling in the army to deliver fuel to the country’s stations, due to the fuel crisis in the Kingdom.
The agency also indicated that the rush to buy motor fuel in Britain continues today, Monday, in light of the possibility that the shortage of truck drivers due to the repercussions of the Corona virus and Brexit, the government to use the army to carry out deliveries, “as Transport Minister Grant Shapps refused to rule out a request for assistance from the institution. military.
While the German store “Aldi” confirmed that it “has no problems with the delivery of goods to many of its branches in the United Kingdom.”
As for the giant oil company, “Shell”, it stressed that it “is working hard to ensure that supplies are delivered to customers.”
“Since Friday, we have seen more demand than usual across our network, which has led to shortages in some categories of fuel,” she said in a statement. “We replenish these categories quickly, usually within 24 hours.”
The Petroleum Traders Association explained that “about half of the 8000 stations” in the United Kingdom ran out of fuel on Sunday, while drivers formed long queues to fill their tanks, while the association’s president, Brian Maderson, confirmed that “the shortage came as a result of the rush to buy Simply fuel.
In a related context, British Business Secretary Kwasi Quarting announced that he is suspending competition laws in the oil sector to ensure suppliers can share key information and work together more effectively to ensure disruption is minimized.

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