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The Chinese proposal did not impress Germany

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius expressed his position on the Chinese proposal to revive negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, with the aim of establishing peace between the two countries, which two days ago entered the second year of military battles with pessimism.

On the Chinese peace plan put forward by Beijing a few days ago, Pistorius said in an interview today, Sunday, with German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, “We will judge China by its actions, not words.”

And he added, “We await China’s actions, not its words, especially in light of reports indicating Beijing’s intention to provide Moscow with marches to fight on Ukrainian soil, while presenting at the same time a peace plan.”

As for the issue of retaking Crimea from the Russian forces, as confirmed by more than one Ukrainian official recently, he believed that this decision is exclusively left to the Ukrainian authorities, and not to any Western country.

Last Friday, the Chinese government published a 12-item proposal in which it called on Moscow and Kiev to resume peace negotiations, warning against the use of nuclear weapons and demanding that civilians be avoided.

In the document it issued on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the outbreak of the war, I also stressed the need to resume direct dialogue between the two parties as soon as possible.

It is noteworthy that this proposal came in light of the escalation of Western accusations against Beijing of supporting Moscow militarily, as the United States announced this week that China intends to supply Russia with weapons and suicide marches to support its attack.

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