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“The choker” is back in fashion in 2024

This year’s fashion saw the return of the choker dress, which is a short dress that wraps around the neck.
The choker dress is one of the most famous fashion trends of the 1990s, and its return this year brings back memories of this distinctive time period.
Fashion media outlets said that the choker dress is a dress that includes a collar that clings to the neck with a hole underneath it, which often takes the shape of the letter V, so that the collar looks like the famous choker necklace, which was very popular in the nineties of the last century.
This year, the dress comes in a short cut and long sleeves, and can be coordinated with knee-length leather boots for an elegant look that exudes femininity.
You can get a casual look by pairing loafers with a huge sole with a choker dress.

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