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The consolation tunnel keeps the Syrians busy

The Consolation Tunnel after the Damascus Governorate announced its opening to traffic starting today, Thursday, but he was adamant that it remain a “trend” on social media sites and Syrian circles even before this announcement.
After the phrase “Shake Damascus,” which the Syrians were surprised by written at its entrance, and which the writers intended, “This is Damascus,” that is, the beginning of the famous poem by the poet Nizar Qabbani, but it appeared after execution as if it were “Shake Damascus,” another sentence appeared.
As part of the advertising campaign on the walls of the tunnel, a banner was hung that read: “The jasmine remains white no matter how the seasons betray it.”
As soon as the advertisement spread, social media was occupied with it, and comments poured in, talking about the grammatical error contained in the phrase with the word “white” in its nunation.
Regarding this, an informed source from Damascus Governorate reported that the governorate usually accepts bids for street advertisements from companies, but implementation operations take place outside it.
He added that the advertising company that implemented the design was the one who committed the mistake and is responsible for it, and that the governorate turned to it after the implementation process.
He also continued that the governorate again requested that the sign be returned and that the error be corrected in bulk, confirming that the error contained had been corrected.
It is noteworthy that the tunnel, which Damascus Governorate announced its opening today, Thursday, after works that lasted for about 11 months. The Al-Muwasat Tunnel Project extends from the “Al-Rabwa” node to the “April 17” node, with a length of 525 meters and two closed sections, the first under the Children’s Hospital intersection with a total length of 100 meters, and the second. Below the Mowasat Hospital courtyard, with a total length of about 90 metres, two traffic lanes in each direction inside the tunnel, and three traffic lanes above in each direction.
However, it was a “trend” a few days ago, because of the sentence “This is Damascus,” which was written as “Shake Damascus,” until the governorate corrected it again.
The new tunnel project is known as the fastest service project completed in the capital, Damascus, in many decades, as it did not exceed the contractual period specified for it, after most previous projects needed contract annexes and an extension of the timetable specified for their completion. Rather, it only needed 10 months. It is almost complete, according to local media.
However, today, according to Syrians and their comments on social networking sites, it has become a “trend tunnel,” due to the large number of comments on it.

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