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The death of a child who was placed in the oven… Details of a horrific incident in Missouri

An American court is looking into a horrific incident in which a baby girl was killed after her mother put her in the oven “by mistake,” according to what local media reported from Peters Baker, the prosecutor in Jackson County, Missouri.
In the details reported by the American television network ABC, the police moved after receiving a report about a child who died with obvious burns. Her mother put her to sleep in the oven “by mistake” instead of the bed, where the mother, Maria Thomas, from Kansas City, Missouri, was confronted. She was charged with endangering her child’s life and causing her death.
One of the witnesses’ statements to the police stated that the mother wanted to put the child in her bed to sleep, but she put her in the oven instead, without providing details about the circumstances of the incident, its manner or causes, or whether the mother was suffering from any psychological or mental problems.
In a statement, the District Attorney described what happened as a tragedy that led to the loss of a precious life, expressing his confidence in the criminal justice system regarding the matter.

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