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The death of the international artist Max Julian

International actor Max Julian, who starred in the popular Blaxploitation movie The Mack with Richard Pryor, has passed away.
And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that Julian died yesterday, Saturday, on the first day of the new year, when his wife, Arabella, found his body in his bedroom.
And the mystery surrounding the cause of Julian’s death, as the real cause of death was not announced, which increased the mystery of the death of that artist, who was known for his boldness, honesty and frankness.
It is noteworthy that Julian star shined on the theaters of New York, and his production of Shakespeare in the fifties of the last century. By the 1960s, he had begun working in Hollywood.
Julian’s first screen appearance was in a supporting role in the 1966 film The Black Klansman, and two years later, he played the revolutionary lead in Up Tight!.

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