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The decline in gas prices in Europe

Gas prices in Europe fell by 6% to less than $2,100 per thousand cubic meters.

The data of the London Stock Exchange “ICE” at the opening of trading today, Thursday, indicated that the prices of gas shares in Europe decreased by more than 6%, as they are trading below $2100 per thousand cubic meters.

Where the indicators of the largest European center “TTF” showed that futures contracts for the month of October fell to the level of 2068 dollars per thousand cubic meters (a decrease of 5.5%). As of 09:05 Moscow time, prices were at the level of 2047.3 dollars (-6.5%). Bid dynamics taken from the previous day’s settlement price; $2,189.4 per thousand cubic metres.

Meanwhile, global oil prices fell by 3% to reach below $90 a barrel for the first time since February 8 last.

According to trading data, the American brand WTI fell to less than $85 a barrel for the first time since January 25.

The data also indicated that, as of 16:19 Moscow time, the price of the November futures contracts for Brent crude decreased by 3.18% to $89.89 a barrel, and the October futures contracts for West Texas Intermediate crude by 3.43% to $83.88.

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