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The developments of the Lebanese elections in the Arab countries, learn about the rest of the dates and how to transfer votes

This morning, the polling operations for Lebanese expatriates began in ten Arab countries and in Iran for the Lebanese parliamentary elections, the 2022 session.

 It is scheduled to start after the polling operations in 48 countries around the world, then the polls are transferred by DHL to be kept in the treasures of the Central Bank of Lebanon until May 15, the official elections at home, where 1043 candidates compete for the 124 seats in the House of Representatives.

 According to what was announced by the Lebanese presidency, President Michel Aoun is following the polling operations with Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib to follow up the developments of the polling operations in these countries and directly transferred with sound and image to the operations room established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this purpose.

 President Aoun stressed the need to secure the necessary facilities for the scattered voters, noting the efforts made to complete the electoral process in coordination between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Interior and Municipalities.

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