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The energy ministers of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan meet

The Energy Ministers of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan announced today, Wednesday, the signing of two agreements to supply Lebanon with Jordanian electricity through Syrian territory.
Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayyad said, during the signing ceremony, that after signing the agreement to supply Lebanon with electric power from Jordan through Syria, financing from the World Bank and we will start working on it remains, noting that “we will secure 250 megawatts of electricity in cooperation with Jordan and the support of the brothers in Syria.” “.
For his part, Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh al-Kharabsheh said: “We are pleased to be in Beirut, and this is a historic moment, and we sign an electric power exchange contract with Lebanon and a transit agreement with Lebanon and Syria.”
He also added, “We hope that the agreement will improve the electricity sector in Lebanon and open the way for us to further cooperation in the energy field,” noting, “In cooperation with the World Bank, we will start the process of transferring electric power to Lebanon as soon as possible.”
In the same context, Syrian Minister of Electricity Ghassan Al-Zamil said: “The Syrian government insists on making this file a success as soon as possible, and we were there under the direct supervision of the Presidency of the Government.” Electricity and we have fulfilled all the commitments we made.”

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