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The European Union banned Russian gas

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Russian authorities expect the West to continue imposing sanctions, stressing that Brussels’ ban on Russian liquefied gas will have a negative impact on the European economy.
Peskov told reporters today, commenting on the European Union’s preparation of the 14th package of sanctions, which may include a ban on Russian liquefied gas supplies: “We realize that sanctions practices will continue, and the areas that our opponents will try to target are clear. It is clear that they are not stopping at any limit, wanting to The expansion of the sanctions package is completely unprecedented, and it is clear that they are even prepared for the negative impact that will befall them (from the sanctions).”
He added: “We will consider the decisions that will be taken, and in all cases we will try to minimize the consequences of these decisions and do what our national interests dictate to us.”
Earlier, a senior European official told reporters in Brussels that the European Union is currently working to formulate the fourteenth package of anti-Russian sanctions that will be directed against circumventing existing sanctions.
He pointed out that the European Union will discuss on April 22 the issue of using frozen Russian assets in Europe for the benefit of Ukraine. He also pointed out that the new package may affect liquefied gas supplies from Russia.
Russia is the second largest supplier of liquefied gas to the European Union after the United States, and Russia accounts for 12% of supplies, while the share of American supplies of liquefied gas to Europe is 48%.

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