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The European Union must continue dialogue with Russia

The European Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, stated that Europe must coexist with Russia after the military operation in Ukraine stopped, so it is necessary to continue the dialogue with Moscow.
Borrell’s comments came and commented on the words of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said that Russia “should not be humiliated,” and Borrell said that the statement “reflects reality,” adding by saying
Russia will continue to exist after the peace talks, and we will need to clearly define how we intend to live with it. This coexistence will be very difficult after what happened in Ukraine. But despite this, you will have to try to coexist with the Russians on this continent. We must continue to talk to Russia.

He added that the channels of communication with Russia were never closed, noting that Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer visited Moscow last April, and African Union President Macky Sall visited Sochi in early June. In addition, according to Borrell, two envoys of the UN Secretary-General are in Russia today, trying to find a solution to the problem of grain exports from Ukraine.
It is also reported that in early June, French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking of his constant contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressed that Western leaders should not “humiliate Russia” so that they could find a way out of the crisis through diplomatic channels after the cessation of hostilities.

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