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The execution of two people who committed a horrific crime against a girl in the middle of the street in Cairo

The Egyptian authorities carried out the death sentence against the perpetrators of the murder of the killer “Maryam Mohamed” in the Maadi district of Cairo in October 2020.

Two thieves in a car tried to steal the backpack of the victim, who grabbed her bag, which led to her being dragged into the street, before the defendants hit her in a parked car and then finished off her by running over her by the car they were traveling in, in a crime that caused a sensation in the Egyptian street and turned into a public opinion issue. .

The Egyptian Public Prosecution charged each of the two with premeditated murder, and as a result they were sentenced to death by hanging. After that, the case was transferred to the Court of Cassation, which recently decided the case and rejected the appeal submitted by the defendants, to be executed today, Thursday.

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