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The fact that an Emirati security team entered Lebanon

The Lebanese Minister of Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, revealed the fact that an Emirati security team arrived at the airport in the capital, Beirut, and entered the country with its weapons.
According to a statement published by the media office of the Lebanese Minister of Interior through his account on the social networking site “Twitter”, he confirmed that this team had entered after obtaining the necessary permits.

He said: “The security team’s arrival in Lebanon had previously obtained approval from both the Ministry of National Defense and the Lebanese Army Command to enter the weapons that were verified before their entry, provided that the same procedure takes place when the security delegation leaves Lebanon.”

On the reason for his entry to the country, the statement confirmed that he came to protect the UAE team, which will play a match with the Lebanese team next Tuesday.

He said: “After circulating the news of the arrival of an Emirati security team at Beirut International Airport with weapons, it is important for us to confirm that the Emirati security team came to Lebanon to secure the protection and support of the Emirati football team, which is playing a match with the Lebanese team next Tuesday.”

The communication sites had reported the news of the entry of an Emirati security team to Beirut airport with their weapons, as many tried to speculate on the reasons for the entry, which caused a great controversy.

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