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The fate of prisoners who escaped from an Israeli prison

The Israeli Prison Service revealed new details about the escape of the 6 Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli “Gilboa” prison, at dawn today, Monday.
According to investigations conducted by the Israeli Prison Service, it was found that “the policewoman who was on the watchtower under which the tunnel was dug, was asleep at the moment the six Palestinians exited the hatch.”
It was also found that “the length of the tunnel dug by the six prisoners reached 25 meters, and there was a car waiting for them for a long time near the Gilboa prison and helped them to withdraw from the place. The prisoners changed their clothes before boarding and one of them changed his shoes.”
There are estimates by the Israeli police that 2 Palestinians crossed into Jordan, 2 in Majdal Shams, and 2 are still in the country.

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