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The first airline to service installment payments

A Saudi airline is the first company to offer the option of payment in installments to its customers, after it signed, today, Tuesday, an agreement with “Amazon” for electronic payment services.

Under the agreement, passengers on this airline have the option to pay for their reservations in regular monthly payments, directly through the bank that issued the credit card.

Amazon is a payment processing and management company in the Middle East and North Africa, which aims to give e-businesses an easy, cost-effective and reliable online payment experience.

For the first time in the Kingdom…

Where this company launched the service of purchasing travel tickets in installments in cooperation with Amazon for electronic payment services.

The airline’s chief commercial officer, Stefan Magaria, emphasized that “the advantage gives its customers more travel opportunities to expand their choices when traveling to their favorite destinations.”

He pointed out that it was the first airline to accept credit card payments, as well as the first to accept online payments, and the first to accept payments through applications such as stc Pay.

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