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The first hour of the end of the truce… massive Israeli bombing and clashes in the northern Gaza Strip

Minutes after the end of the truce, which lasted for seven days and ended on Friday morning, Israeli aircraft carried out air strikes in various areas of the Gaza Strip, one of which caused the destruction of a house for a Palestinian family in the western neighborhood in the center of the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, killing, according to the initial toll, three people and dozens of injuries. .
While the Israeli bombing targeted Al-Maghazi camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, two civilians were killed and a number of others were injured, according to what local media in the area reported.
The first minutes of the end of the truce coincided with the outbreak of violent clashes between Palestinian faction fighters and the Israeli army in Beit Hanoun, north of Gaza, and Tal al-Hawa, south of Gaza, where local media reported that a gathering of Israeli forces had been targeted with a rocket-propelled grenade, in parallel with the downing of an Israeli soldier in the Al-Tawam area, northwest of Gaza, according to what It was reported by local Palestinian media.
Alarm sirens sounded in the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip as a result of missile attacks, as the Israeli authorities called on their settlers to remain in fortified places.

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