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The first infection with an animal virus transmitted to humans from an unknown source of infection

Health authorities in Britain recorded the first infection with the H1N2 virus, as a result of which the infected person received the necessary treatment and fully recovered from the disease.
The virus that infects humans for the first time is still unknown, its source, and how the infection reached the infected person, as the virus belongs to a series similar to a virus spreading among pigs, according to Mira Chand, director of incidents at the British Health Security Agency.
The health authorities in Britain are following up on the case of close contacts of the case, as part of an intensive monitoring plan in surgical operating rooms and hospitals in the North Yorkshire region in the north of the country, according to an official statement in this regard.
The swine flu virus formed a global pandemic in 2009, raising the health alert level in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to level five, according to WHO classifications, and the known death toll reached 15,174.

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