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The French court is ruling on banning the abaya in schools

The Council of State in France issued its decision regarding the appeal submitted by the Association “Action for Muslim Rights” (ADM) against the French government’s decision to ban the wearing of the abaya and long clothes in French schools.

The Council supported the decision of the French government and French President Emmanuel Macron, which was issued last month, days before the start of the new academic year in the country, under the pretext of “preserving the secularism of the state.”

According to the council’s decision, wearing the abaya reflects religious orientation, and therefore “the ban does not constitute a serious and illegal assault on respect for private life, freedom of worship, and the right to education in accordance with the best interests of the child.”

The Association “Action for Muslim Rights” (ADM) submitted an urgent request to the Council of State, the highest administrative court in France, for complaints against the state authorities, regarding the ban imposed by the country’s government on the abaya and long shirt for men.

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