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The German government urges Euro 2024 fans to smoke cannabis

German police advised some fans to smoke cannabis instead of drinking alcohol during the 2024 European Cup finals, currently being held in Germany.
Germany will host the Euro 2024 tournament from June 14 to July 14.
German police prevented fans of the European Nations Cup from consuming alcohol while they were in the arenas to attend the Euro 2024 matches.
This came after the incidents of crowd violence that occurred due to the match between England and Serbia last Sunday, in the city of Gelsenkirchen, as a result of drinking alcohol.
Germany had legalized cannabis smoking just two months before the start of Euro 2024. However, fans will be able to smoke cannabis, but not inside the stadium, fan zones, bars or city squares.
Police spokesman Stefan Knipp told the British newspaper The Sun, before the England-Serbia match, which was classified as a high-risk confrontation: “There is no problem for fans smoking hashish in the street, as we saw a group of people drinking alcohol and looking a little aggressive. “And another group that smokes cannabis, we will look at the group that drinks alcohol. Drinking alcohol can make a person more aggressive, and smoking cannabis puts people in a calm mood.”
He added: “We want to prevent violence and keep people safe. Our focus will be on fans who have been drinking and who are potentially violent.”

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